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Interfaith Harmony Week/ New York: Since 2010, when the United Nations has started celebrating Interfaith Harmony week, BLIA has actively participated into the interfaith harmony week events hold in United Nations every year.

Education & Eliminating Poverty:

NanHua University/Africa: In order to relieve the local poverty, BLIA built up NanHua University in Africa. The NanHua University provides free computer training towards local job seekers, which has been proved to effectively improve their chance tor find a job.

The Son of Buddha/Brazil: BLIA Brazil Chapter has begun to sponsor local teenagers to complete their education. The program has lasted for almost ten years, and we are proud to say that some of our graduates have already begun to give back to the local community.

Child & Women:

Child & Maternal Hospital/Paraguay: In Paraguay, BLIA works with local church and government to build up the first child & maternal hospital which provides free services to local residents in Paraguay. The services that the hospital provides include clinics, food, pharmacy, mammography scanning, premature infants incubators, etc.

Disaster response:

Logistics/Worldwide: BLIA has chapters all over the world, which enables BLIA to respond instantly to natural disaster all over the globe. So far, the disaster respond projects that BLIA has participated in involve 2008 China Earthquake, Earthquake in Japan, Hurricane in Philippines, Hurricane Sandy in New York, and the list goes on.

Food Security:

    Zero Hunger Project/Paraguay: In Paraguay, BLIA provide free soy milk to local unprivileged residents by providing soy-milk making machine and cooperating with local soy farms. Moreover, BLIA also offers free cooking classes to encourage residents to cook residue of soy beans into nutritious meals. Through this sustainable way, BLIA hopes to relieve the food security problem in Paraguay.

Material Assistance:

    Free wheelchairs/Africa: In Africa, BLIA provides free wheelchairs for people who have difficulties to walk by themselves.

    Food & Cloth/Worldwide: Except in the cases of grant natural disaster, BLIA also provides free food and cloth to people in low social-economic class regularly every year, especially at the beginning of winter, to improve their living conditions.

Environmental Sustainability:

    Promoting vegetarian diet/Worldwide: BLIA is always dedicated to promoting vegetarian diet. For instances, BLIA will hold vegetarian diet festival every year in mainland China. Also, BLIA encourages both the public and its members to live in a vegetarian diet.

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