What do we do?

While BLIA performs emergency services around the world, we emphasize aid that provides long term assistance to those in need, especially education and basic services. We maintain public universities, Buddhist colleges, libraries, publishing houses, Buddhist art galleries and tearooms, free mobile medical clinics, retirement homes, primary schools, high schools, and a television station. We focus on women’s and children’s issues and strive to provide equality and special services to these groups in many developing countries. We work to improve women’s and children’s difficult circumstances while respecting their diverse cultures.

  • In Brazil we provide education to children on the streets in order to reduce the crime rate among boys and the prostitution rate among girls.
  • In Paraguay we provide free medical clinics, especially obstetric and prenatal care, to women and children. We also teach people various recipes that make use of locally grown soybeans.
  • In Papua New Guinea we provide indigenous children with proper dental hygiene in order to improve nutrition and reduce disease.
  • In northern Cambodia we provide free primary school education with free meals in order to encourage children to attend school and reduce trafficking of children.
  • In Sri Lanka we provided hand-cranked electricity generators to child victims of the 2004 tsunami so that they could continue to study at home and at school.
  • In China we volunteered as emergency workers during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. We helped rescue survivors buried beneath rubble, and provided mobile medical services to victims.

BLIA continues to carry on its mission to give the underprivileged a chance at a brighter future. Through these projects we hope to decrease crime rates, increase living standards, and balance gender inequality.